Thursday, February 12, 2009

Part of the Stimulus Package

Isn't he cute?

How can anyone deny this cute little Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse $30 million? When I first heard that part of the Stimulus Package money was going towards a mouse I was flabbergasted, but then I went on to read more about where this little mouse lives. I know that this $30 million won't create many jobs, if any, but it will save this little mouse's home....and, he really is cute!

Is this what you would call a "Pet Project?"

Don't get me wrong....I'm all for saving endangered species and for the preservation of lands, but I think causes like the plight of this little mouse might be handled best in a separate bill other than the stimulus package that is intended to create new jobs. Maybe hundreds of people are going to be hired by the government to monitor and keep tract of this little that case it does have a place in the Stimulus Package.


Tomas Dennis said...

You forgot the part about the folks that are building the habitat for the mouse. They get a job just like the guy that rakes the asphalt on the superhighway. Then their is this guy that mows grass around the neighborhood he needs a new lawnmower, someone has to build the mower to mow the lawn for the habitat for that field mouse. The idea is to build a pork barrel/stimulus package sounds better than pork barrel.

... Paige said...

Girl you crack me up.
Didn’t you hear that IF they (government) were to give each American Family one million dollars that would be cheaper then the stimulus package. But what would be the point in giving to the people we would expect a bail out each every time trouble came our way especially if we had to get a job or work or sumthin

funny the Word Verifcation word is


What is that supposed to mean? lol

Anonymous said...

cute mouse

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Oh My Gosh....I just heard some U.S.Senator call my cute little mouse a "RAT!"

Anonymous said...

Happy valentines Day,
I couldn't imagine having any better of a mom than you. I love you!

Hope Jimmy liked his little mailbox

Susie said...

He is cute, but has a high price tag!
Happy Valentine's Day..

JunieRose2005 said...

Lol- he's CUTE-but not THAT CUTE!!

Junie Rose

Kerri said...

When it comes to the stimulus package I'm at a loss for words, Sandy. We are governed by absolute fools.
The mouse is very cute though :)

Rachel said...

I think Kerri said it well.

That little mouse is cute though. I better the cats would like to be in charge of the mousey areas!!

Hope you and Jimmy had a great Valentine's day!!

Slash said...

I will gladly donate my cat and the problem will be solved. No more mouse, no need for my tax money.