Thursday, March 05, 2009

"It's like donating blood to the morgue."

The taxpayers have bailed-out the insurance giant AIG once too many...and guess what? It's not enough money and they need more. It has already received $150 Billion dollars...yes Billion with a capital B.
AIG is dead, so lets be done with it and just let it die.


... Paige said...

there they go pissing in my cheerios againg.

that company should be gone and should pay each and every one of us 1 million each just to try and rid their taste from our soiled tounges!

Tomas Dennis said...

If you donate blood at the morgue it still goes into the hospital blood bank.
I agree that AIG should stand on their own two feet.

Anonymous said...

good analogy

scott said...

I don't have any more blood to give.