Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking turns...staying close

We all took turns riding on the back as Jimmy and the caravan, headed for our family vacation at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Brian had rented a beach house for 7 days to accommodate four complete families, and then we all paid Brian for our share of the cost.

In those days Jimmy & I were the only ones who owned a motorcycle but from that day on it seemed that everyone made it a priority to get one of their own. It wasn't because they had never rode or owned one before because they had, it was just that their families were young and a motorcycle was something of a luxury.

Now that the grandchildren are older and also like to ride, we have become a family of bikers. A family who rides together, stays together and is a close family...it's also a wonderful hobby that we can all enjoy together young and old.


Rachel said...

What fun memories!! You are going rowing on a mighty river?? Ohhhhh, that would be so much fun and something I'd like to do someday. It's on my bucket list, or whatever they call it! Maybe just a calm river for me though!!! I'd like to do the one starting below Cumberland Falls sometime!

Say Hi to Jimmy!

scott said...

I really enjoyed that vacation, it seems we were always going
somewhere. I think things must have been alot cheaper back then. seems we can't afford to do as much stuff these days.

ICECAZ Productions said...

I can't wait for our next big trip. I was telling someone the other day that everyone in my family has a bike even my grandmother.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

"even my grandmother"....... Zac, these three words in your comment made me laugh so hard that my head began hurting again. Just kidding, my head isn't hurting, but that did make me laugh.

Scott...that was a GREAT family vacation that everyone got to go on and that's what made it so great. I'm looking forward to more family vacations, but the cost will be out of this world now and it'll take us several years to save for another busy one like that one, hahaha.

Rachel....One of these days we'll all have to take that Cumberland Falls rafting trip and I'll be sure to call you. I don't know why we always overlook that one when it is so close to home.

Anonymous said...

We will go to cumberland falls rafting on a day trip.No need to spend the night away for that trip.It will be fun.
The rafting part is just a third of the fun on our July trip.It's riding away from home with fun people and staying in motels that I love too.