Saturday, April 04, 2009

A poem written by me...five minutes ago

Busa Baby

Zac has a big dog named Busa
That needs to be turned out
And let loose-a

He knocks over the trashcan
And runs through the house
When ever he can can

Busa thinks he’s a sweet little puppy
A tiny sweet thing that will fit anywhere
A ball of brown fluff that will jump in your lap
Whenever you nestle down for a nap

Busa is Zac’s little baby
Zac is his master today
But tomorrow will tell
If Busa will stay
Or run off with one of the ladies.


... Paige said...

And how fun this one is.

Good job and the best part it made you happy!

and I bet Zac will be pleased to have a poem written about himself

Rachel said...

Busa Baby is an awfully big lap dog!! Cute though!! Good poem Sandy!

Anonymous said...

I laughed all the way through it.Cute poem mom.
Your right he doesn't know how big he is.

ICECAZ Productions said...

Yea the poor dog if he wasn't so cute, he'd be useless

Kerri said...

Sandy, you never fail to make me smile :) I love your sense of humor.
That's one big lap pup!
Love your poem :)