Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cucoo's vacation pictures day 2

It didn't take long for Cucoo to find some sunshine, but he's having such a good time that he is going to keep on going til he can't go any further. Today he walked among the flowers and enjoyed their beauty and even made friends with a friendly honey bee. Cucoo has always considered honey bees as a delicacy, but although he made friends with the honey bee it wouldn't come close enough for Cucoo to grab it. It must have been Cucoo's eyes, he does have that crazed look about him doesn't he?

This is Cucoo's seat...this is where he rides sometimes, or maybe I should say, used to ride, but after his nasty fall on the pavement he opted to ride in one of the saddle bags. Good thing he was wearing his Old Navy sweatshirt that protected him from road rash. Unfortunately he wasn't wearing his helmet. Look at that hair blowing in the wind!.....oh, it's not blowing, that's how it always looks.

Cucoo met two pups today...a tiny toy poodle & a little chihuahua and they were riding on separate bikes with a couple. The poodle rode in a little padded open top box on the back seat of the lady's bike and the chihuahua rode in the man's t-bag, but he had to be fastened in because he likes to jump out. The pups were on their way to a Rolling Thunder rally in Washington, D.C. in honor of the Vietnam Vets. The pups told Cucoo that they had been riding for a long time and have logged in 35,000 miles and survived two accidents. The poodle walked with a limp.

Cucoo wanted his picture taken in front of this fine piece of sculpture that he found in his suite in Fort Smith, Arkansas tonight. Yes, Cucoo stayed in a fine suite with three rooms in addition to the bathroom (only because it was the last ground floor room left and it cost the same as a regular room.)

Cucoo wanted to report that his chauffeur caught poison ivy from HERE yesterday after an unscheduled stop, and is very itchy tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you fell Cucoo.Have fun and keep your driver and rear guard out of trouble and out of the weeds.What were they doing in the bushes anyways.lol

Rachel said...

How exciting!! Cucoo looks kind of wild but he'll be fine!

I agree with Somershade? What ya'll doing in the bushes???

Kerri said...

It's great to see Cucoo out and about again! He's looking good, even if his hairdo is a little wild and whacky. It's a good look for him :)
Please give him a peck on the beak for me!
I'm giggling about those bushes :)

... Paige said...

Sorry to hear about the itching hope it gets better as fast as you drive. Luxury suites--girl that is so thrilling...as fun as the bushes???

Be careful and enjoy

TUFFENUF said...

Cucoo might be coming to Florida again - you never know!!! He won't need all those clothes here, just a bathing suit!