Tuesday, May 12, 2009


First of all, I had to put these next two pictures up here to show you what Jimmy did today. He had watched Megan take pictures of herself with her mom and decided that he would give it a shot. He didn't do a bad job for his first try either. We're not quite centered but we're at least in the picture and that's more than I can say about the pictures that I took today. :)

Me and Jimmy

In this 3rd picture we are on our way home. That's Brian & Reva on that motorcycle and we are rushing home on the interstate because we let the time get away from us and we have just enough time to get home before Brandon gets home from school. I hadn't taken any riding pictures today so this was my last chance. I sped up to get right beside them so that I could take their picture but I over shot them just a little and missed the shot. It's not easy taking a picture when you are the one driving. You just have to aim the camera and hope that they are in the shot so it takes several shots sometimes. I slowed up a little to let them catch up and fired off a few more shots when this annoying State Trooper who was right behind me started blowing his horn and scared the bajeebees out of me. I had no idea that he was right behind me and I was wondering why Brian & Reva were making such funny faces and looking so weired.
I speeded on up and quickly moved into Brian & Reva's lane in front of them and the State Trooper flew by me and kept on going. WHOOOSH....what a close call!

This is the BEST shot I got of them.
Sorry guys.
And Jimmy wins the Award for Best Pictures of the Day!


Anonymous said...

scott said that sounded like me.ooppss.

That tire shot could of got you a ticket.I would have loved to have been able to know Jimmy's thoughts while watching that cop behind you blowing the horn.

Good job Jimmy on your shots! and not chewing mom out:)lol

Alipurr said...

jimmy took some good pics of you guys, love them

other story, too funny

JunieRose2005 said...

Sandy-I love those shots of you and Jimmy!! My Alli likes to take those kind of pictures too. I have a bunch of Alli and me together like that. Also-I like to take them of ME when I'm riding behind C. on the Victory! :)


(lol-the OTHER motorcycle Mama! haha)