Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MRI, Mammogram Day....

It was Megan's turn today and happily not mine nor Sharon's turn at having a mammogram and a breast MRI to be done. We all sat in the clinic waiting for Megan to be called back for her hour long MRI which would then be followed by the all time favorite procedure that all of us women love....the dreaded mammogram. I'd personally like to stick something private that belongs to the doctor who invented the mammogram into that machine. It must have been a man because I can't imagine that a woman would ever invent such a test....and they say water boarding is torture. The M.R.I. wasn't a picnic either and consisted of laying on your stomach, on a cold slab of a table which had two round holes in it so that you could put your body parts in it.
Of course we can't let such an event pass without pictures and videos. We all tried to be cheerful and silly about the tests because we knew that Megan wasn't looking forward to repeating these same tests that she had just had done recently. Because of some changes from Megan's previous tests, she had to repeat these tests again today.
After eating at Cheddar's, Sharon suggested that we visit one of the many motorcycle shops.
Megan picked out her bike. This is the one she wants, but the salesman said that she would have to pay for it first before she could take it home....boo hoo.
Zac met us at the clinic. It was a beautiful day in the 70's so he rode his bike. He and Jimmy were the only smart people and they both rode their bikes. Jimmy was smarter though and didn't ride to the clinic, but just took himself on a nice relaxing pleasure ride.

With these cell phones anymore you just never know when someone is shooting a video. I took all of the pictures above, but Megan sent this video to my email tonight. It's silly and it's the only picture taken of me today to show that I was also there.

This little trip to the clinic turned out to be an all day affair, but it was fun...after we left the clinic.

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Rachel said...

Glad you all had fun!! Hope all turns out well with her tests.