Saturday, June 27, 2009

New facebook friend

I'm having fun with my "new sister" who has joined facebook with an alias, hahaha. I knew that it was her the minute I saw the name. At least she was setting up the account for someone she loves and not like me when I started facebook. I used the name Sandy Soil and was found by my family and friends despite my silly I changed my account to reflect my real name.

Welcome to facebook Jo and maybe one of these days you'll set up your very own account with your own name so that your long lost friends from school and work can find you and see what you've been up to these days.

I'm having fun talking to Jo and to people that I knew 30-40 years ago...and to some new friends that I just recently met in the last couple of years and the last couple of months.

Jo Lynn is my brother Ron's wife and she is my sister and now my new facebook friend.

1 comment: said...

Nice! Nice photo of you and Jo.