Friday, June 05, 2009

Where's the Sun?

I traveled across the United States in search of the sun. Went all the way to Seligman, Arizona and still couldn't find him. What will I tell my friend Mr. Sycamore??? but at least I have some seeds to bring him. The seeds are for a plant called the Mexican Bird of Paradise that Jo & Ron, the desert dwellers, gave my chauffeur. I found them in her pocket :)

It was very windy all of the time. It was windy riding on that red bike and it was still windy when I got off and walked around. It didn't do any good to comb my hair because I always had that wind-blown knotted hair look.

Every time a cloud appeared it got very cold and the temperature dropped twenty degrees. I stayed cold all of the time unlike my driver who always seemed to be very happy & cheerful no matter what the weather was. You would have thought the sun rose just for her, and then when a cloud appeared it was as though it was put there on purpose to shade her. Don't you just hate such happy people? I just wanted to peck her on the head every once in a while, but then she would have made me walk home.

There weren't enough covers to keep me warm at night, and I had to sleep with all of my clothes on. I had taken everyone's blankets and pilled them on MY BED, but I was forced to give them back. They made some lame excuses about needing blankets for themselves.

Finally one day I saw Mr. Sun. He peeked out from behind a cloud and I asked him why he's been MIA for so long. He said he was on vacation and had asked the clouds to cover for him.
He took me to this pretty stream that he found while on his trip and we fished for the entire day and caught rainbow trout. We don't fish with hooks...we just put some bait on our lines and the trout jump up, grab it, eat it, and ask for seconds and then swim on their merry way. That way no one gets hurt and everyone's happy.

I can't wait to get home and give Mr. Sycamore the good news about Mr. Sun....the whole yard will be SO HAPPY.

3 comments: said...

Hi Cucoo. Say Hello to Sandy

Anonymous said...

glad you didn't peck her on the head.She is too sweet for a head peck'n and it may have caused your driver to wreck.
Glad you'll be home soon,

Alipurr said...

ok, these are so funny
love the facial expressions and windblown look :)