Sunday, July 05, 2009

Don't try to change her....

First of all....about the title, never try to change anybody. You will fail every time, so if you can't accept someone just the way they are, then just go away.

I don't know why that came up. I think I was just listening to a song and it reminded me of how people think they can change someone and make them better.

I got on here to tell everyone that it's raining but not to worry because on Thursday the weather is going to be perfect and is to remain perfect until Monday. So there, I said it and it will be so!
And....even if it rains, we were planning on getting wet anyway weren't we????

The picture above is of one of the Rose of Sharon bushes that is growing against the house. There are two bushes there that have 3 different colors of flowers on each, purple & white flowers. I've always heard that it all depended on your soil composition as to what color the flowers would be, and since I only admire flowers and don't try to analyze them, I don't know if that's true or not. I only know that they're pretty.

The sun hasn't made an appearance today and even though it's cloudy and even though it's been raining all day, I feel as if my day is brighter.

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