Friday, August 21, 2009

A Drive to Louisville for Lunch

This is where Megan wanted to go to celebrate her birthday, so we drove there for lunch and a little shopping on Thursday.

Being that it was the day after Megan's biopsy she was tightly bound by an ace bandage wrapped around her chest several times. You can see the white bandage showing slightly above her dress. By days end she got a call from her doctor giving Megan the very good news that she wanted to hear that all the biopsies were benign and there was no sign of cancer. We had more reasons to celebrate than we knew of and the day turned out to be a beautiful day.

Here I am with my grandchildren Zac & Megan in Louisville, Ky. in front of the restaurant.

Sharon & Zac are holding the door waiting for Megan & I to enter the restaurant.

The Menu here was surprisingly thick like a book and it was fun looking at all the choices of food they had to eat. We had so many things to choose from but three of us ate the same thing and Sharon ordered a gourmet pizza. Sharon always has to be different, hahaha.

The inside of the restaurant was very fancy with lots of interesting things to look at.

This was their specialty I'm assuming because of the name of the restaurant, but all of us were too full to order any cheesecake for dessert.

Another bit of good news that Megan received was that she got assigned a dorm to live in at school. She had just applied for a room before we left that morning and was called by her new roommate before we even arrived in Louisville. Megan got lucky and got a suite in a very nice dorm and her roommate is a good Christian girl with much the same interests as Megan. It took only a matter of minutes before the new roommates became facebook friends and they will meet tomorrow morning as they both move into their room at the Wall-dorf Hysteria.

Once Megan got the good news that she was assigned a dorm there was shopping to be done so what better place to start shopping than in Louisville. While Megan & Sharon went shopping for dorm supplies, Zac & I headed for Best Buy to look at all the electronics and new laptops.

I bought myself a nice 150 Watt AC Mobile Power Adapter so that I can plug in AC power cords in the car. It also has a USB port and built in DC outlet. Now I don't have to buy a bunch of car chargers for my laptops and other stuff. I also bought my new hp mini netbook a nice carrying case and Zac looked at new laptops. Zac wanted one identical to my new hp mini, but then he spotted a really nice one just a tad bigger, faster and with more RAMS (?) that he liked better but they were sold out. The salesman made some calls and then told us the nearest place to go to get one was in Lexington, Ky. and then apologized for sending us so far away :) So after we picked up Megan & Sharon we headed off to Lexington.

Megan and Sharon had more dorm shopping to do, so Zac & I dropped them off and headed to Best Buy to buy our new identical laptops. We then met up with Meg & Sharon and I bought her some stuff for her dorm. And after all of our shopping we finally ended up at Dairy Queen and bought Megan an ice cream cake for her birthday.

It was a long day but it was a day of fun for all of us. Everyone got gifts of some kind.

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somershade said...

Wal-dorf hysteria good one mom, too funny.My gift was spending time together having fun exploring and sharing it will all my favorite people.Money can't buy that:) love you! I had an awesome day.