Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dennis!

Happy Birthday Dear Brother!
Today is your BIG DAY
and I hope that you are out celebrating.

I tried to call you to wish you a
Happy Birthday just a few moments
ago, but the phone just rang and rang.

It's a beautiful day today
with the sun shining brightly and
the birds chirping what sounds like,

"Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Dennis
Happy Birthday to YOU,
and many more...."

(The birds call you Dennis too here at my house)

Happy Birthday
We all love you over here on this side of the state!!!!
and hope that your birthday today
is a very special day.


LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ Looks like party time for you guys lately! Happy Birthday to both Dennis and Megan! ~ jb///

somershade said...

Happy Birthday love you and love you again and again and again:) said...

Thank you love ya folks.

Rachel said...

I do hope his birthday was a happy one!!!

Also Megan!! She is so pretty and what a wonderful place to want to eat! I'd like to eat there too!! Her cake looks yummy!!

As for the all means, KEEP THEM ALL!!!!