Sunday, August 09, 2009

I took a cat nap today

After our ride today one of the 4 week old kittens climbed up on my chest, began purring and fell asleep. I was trying to be very still and not bother the kitten and I fell asleep too. I woke up by the ringing of the phone which Jimmy quickly answered. The kitten was still asleep so I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and took these pictures. I've decided to name this little kitten Petey.

I know it's a bad idea to name a kitten that you don't intend on keeping but Jimmy named his little kitten Buster.

The kittens are beginning to climb already and two are sitting beside me on the couch as I type. They seem to prefer my company....I guess it's because I'm so soft and snuggly, and probably even cuddly, he he he.

Petey has a black spot over his left eye and the other black spot you see on him in the picture...well, that's his tail curled around there. He looks almost identical to his mother.

Hope that your day was as relaxing and enjoyable as mine.

Love you....

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