Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Black Bears

Not me, but some other people saw a black bear wandering just 500 yards from our house this past week. The bears have been here in the college forests and in the surrounding mountainous wooded areas for some time now, but 500 yards is just too close for comfort. I knew that they would be seen here sooner or later, but I just hope they don't take a liking to cats as a snack or for supper. They've been around here for about 10 years and only on occasion do they come out in public. We only have about one bear sighting a year or so that's all I hear about. They're still very shy and stay away from humans and the one thing we do know is not to feed them so they'll stay wild. I think they've migrated up from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. We still have lots of forested unsettled land here where they can hide and roam easily without detection and to this day I've never even run into one and it's not because we don't go into the wilderness because we do.


JunieRose2005 said...

Oh , my! that's kinda scary with all your cats!! I sure hope they keep away!


Kerri said...

It would be scary to come face to face with one. Hope they stay back in the woods and out of trouble. We had a sighting of two juvenile bears this past summer, about 5 miles away, where we go to church. One was in a friend's backyard. Scared her quite a bit as she was outside at the time. She made tracks for the house pretty quick smart :)
The pair had been seen earlier in the day. One was sleeping in a tree in someone's back yard. Lots of people got great pictures and the incident made the local paper. There has also been quite a few other bear sightings around here over the past several years.