Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hockey Pucks Anyone?

Thanksgiving pictures

What really goes on behind the scenes.

Brown N Serve rolls anyone???

After all was said & done and the blame was clearly placed on Jimmy for not paying closer attention to the rolls he was entrusted to watch, and all the laughing subsided, all of us wondered why didn't these rolls catch on fire? They were baking for ONE AND A HALF HOURS, but only got browner & harder than hockey pucks. We thought about hand painting them and giving them away as personalized door stops for Christmas. What do you think??? Would you like one and what color do you want yours painted?

They can also be used to drive away unwanted guests....

3 comments: said...

Green and red.

... Paige said...

love it! at Beloved cousin's house the opened the oven to put on the marshmallows and cousin Judy laid the bag on the over door, then picked it and out spilled all the marshmallows all over the floor. I mean picute the scramble--they were mini marshmallows

Anonymous said...

That's funny and I barely remember it. Meg looks so young. Jimmy gets blamed for everything,lol. I would paint mine purple and hang it on the backside of my tree to fill in the gaps:),