Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama: Health Care Plan Would Give Seniors Right To Choose How They Are Killed

Since my opinion of the healthcare bill got so much attention here is a funny article I stumbled onto while thumbing through my brother's blog. I was trying to leave him a comment about home schooling and the healthcare plan when I hit a wrong key, lost my comment, dang it! and stumbled onto this funny interpretation of the healthcare bill as it relates to senior citizens. CLICK HERE to read it. It's funny and apparently written by someone who doesn't like Mr. BO. Maybe it's my brother's secret blog???


tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

The onion has never missed anyone in it's humor. The newspaper has been around since the Internet made a big splash.
Everything written at the Onion should make a human being chuckle.
The Onion is the "Saturday Night Live" of Websites.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Dennis...I thought it was very funny and I'll be sure to bookmark the Onion for further chuckles. I watch Saturday Night Live faithfully and have watched it for years...it's one of my favorite shows.