Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Birthday Pictures

Jimmy showing off his Birthday Cake

Jimmy & great granddaughter Lillian

Kyra, Makayla & Dylan
These are the oldest of the great granchildren
and there are also 3 infants.

It was a beautiful sunny day so I asked everyone to step outside so that I could get a picture of everyone who came to Jimmy's birthday party. Glen got away before we could get his picture though. Several of the grandchildren were not able to come to the party and Sharon had to work.

Tori, Matt, Sandy, Brian

Matt showing Brian their deer hunting rifles.

Matt with his Uncle Brian

1 comment:

Jellyhead said...

He's a good-looking 'birthday boy', isn't he?!

It's great that there were lots of family there, and you look so pretty & happy Sandy :-)