Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What day is it anyway???

It's been so nice getting back to our normal way of life for at least a couple of days...make that three days. What's normal for us is not knowing or caring what day of the week it is except for of course Monday night, because that's the time we set our trash can out on the road, so it can be knocked over by the wind of a passing truck. That's always fun.

No more doctors appointments until Friday and we are both bowing down and thanking the Lord that it's not an 8:00 A.M. appointment this time in Lexington. What a relief to be able to sleep in for a change. The Mayo Clinic finally finished their job and the final pathology report is in and of course they wouldn't tell Jimmy the results over the phone no matter how much he begged for just a little hint of what it might be. All he wanted to know was the answer to one simple question, "Is it good news or bad?" We're assuming that it's good news and that the doctor just wants to take a look at my new cute mini laptop to see what I'm always writing in it while he's talking to us. I told him that I was blogging about him just so he'd be extra careful with my sweetie and do a good job. It worked! Jimmy's scar is small & cute and hidden in a natural line on his neck.

Yesterday and today have both been beautiful days even though I had a doctor's appointment yesterday to get a second opinion on my gallbladder. Since I haven't had any further problems with it and I'm eating anything I want, I'm not going to do anything about it at this time. Besides who would cook the Thanksgiving Dinner?

Brian came over yesterday and we played with Brandon's Christmas present and he showed me what he bought for Reva. It's a surprise so I can't say what the gifts are but I know they will like them. All I'm saying is if Reva doesn't like her present, I want it! It'll keep my legs warm and the cats will like it too.

Suzanne came over here too along with Sandie, Steph and Noah yesterday. Sharon has a cold so she stayed & thoughtful girl. It was nice having a houseful but I wasn't expecting anyone except Brian...and Suzanne is almost like a permanent fixture here, so we don't count her at all most of the time :) I was very late (smile) in getting home from my doctors appointment but I was having such a good time that I lost track of the time.
I even left the doctors office with a prescription for my daughter. I talked in length to the doctor about her problems and the doctor was nice enough to prescribe a possible fix to her problem. This was also my daughter's surgeon, so Suzanne was her patient at one time. I was really impressed with how much time this doctor took to answer all of my questions and to listen to my husbands problems along with my daughters. She was very nice and if I have to have surgery at some later date, I will let her do it...she impressed me with her good bedside manner and I've also heard good reports about her as far as her surgeries go.

So what was the question??? Oh yes, I was wondering what day it was, but as long as it's not Monday or Friday, then it really doesn't matter does it?

3 comments: said...

Nice days are always comfortable.
Take Care
Love ya said...

Diane you need a blog so I can say,
"Take Care,
Love ya".

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Love you too Dennis and YES, Diane needs a blog, I agree. She has lots of interesting stories and pictures that she could share with all of us.