Monday, December 14, 2009

Cabin Fever

Here I am again trying to think of something to write about, something that might be of interest to you as you read this, but I can't think of anything interesting that I've done lately. At least not anything interesting that I can share with anyone. I've been leading a rather dull life, of course that doesn't mean that it isn't full of DRAMA. We all have a certain amount of DRAMA in and around our lives, don't we? DRAMA that we can't talk about simply because we know personally the people who read our blogs and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by talking about them.

So what's next??? The weather? That certainly is a disappointment around here. We still have rain and I swear I'm beginning to feel that I'm living in London. I go outside and expect to run into Jack The Ripper lurking around it's so drizzly and hazy outside all the time. Where's OUR snow? Gimme snow any day and a nice dog to romp around with and I'm satisfied. Oh....and I can't forget my camera to take lots of pictures with.

As I type I think I'm beginning to see what I'm missing. I'm missing riding my bike and going places...far away places. I miss traveling across the United States on warm sunny days and then suddenly running into a summer thunderstorm and getting drenched. I miss riding high into the Rocky Mountains and being among the snow caps in July & August and then descending down into the heat of the summer below. I miss the rocky Oregon shorelines and the majestic giant Redwoods of northern California. I miss the deserts of the West. I just miss riding anywhere on my bike. I was feeling pretty good until I looked at Eli and Aprilyn's Thanksgiving weekend pictures yesterday on facebook, and that's when I was reminded of all those places that I miss riding my bike to and visiting.

It's cold, rainy & dreary here during the late Fall & Winter months and I can see now why Jimmy has always dreamed of living in the deserts of the West where he can ride year round.

2 comments: said...

That is why we created all these festive Occasion in the fall Halloween , The Winter solstice, Thanksgiving ,Kwanzaa, Hanukkah , Christmas and Kentucky Basketball.
Can you imagine how tough those Eskimos are spend their whole lives in frozen tundra. Talk about Cabin Fever. Then you could do as my grandmother did and sit and say the rosary which is a form of meditation.
Meditation is what I do. I marvel at the world around me. The nicest toy we get is our mind.
Love ya

Rachel said...

Hi Sandy! Remember me? Haha!

I know you miss riding but your bikes are probably using this down time to hibernate, don't you imagine?