Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I know What I Want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

Please let me explain. I know what I want for Christmas this year and I hope my letter gets to you on time. Please let me explain. No matter what you've heard it's not true. My sister just don't like me and she should be on your naughty list and not me. It's all a big mistake, just ask my mom & dad and they'll tell you the truth. Daddy even calls me his little angel. So Santa.....please grant me just this one wish and I'll never ask for anything else EVER again, I PROMISE.

I love all of your reindeer too and I'll make sure that there are cookies & milk for you and some carrots for all of the reindeer, and say hello to Mrs. Claus.

Yours truly
The good sister

Love, me

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