Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bundle up and enjoy it....

I'm not the only one talking about the weather. Cucoo had to bundle up to go outside, but where's the snow? That's right, some of you may recognize this as an old picture that I've used before on my blog, but I'm using it again because it gives me an excuse to talk about our weather and how cold it is here.

This morning the thermometer we have outside said it was 8 degrees whether that's right or not, it's still cold and it's still snowing. Jimmy says it's snowing because it has warmed up and I seem to have heard that before, that it has to warm up to snow. They say it won't snow when it's too cold. Who knows if it will or not? How about you Kerri & Ross or Sweet Pea, you live in the frozen tundra during the winter months? Is it ever too cold to snow? I'm thinking if it's too cold to snow then how is there snow at the North Pole or in the frozen Arctic Circle when the temps are below zero?

Although I'm getting tired of winter there is an advantage to it....I can stay on my computer longer and chat with all my friends more. I'm finding that the people who are snowed in or just staying inside because of the frigid weather are spending more time online too and I like that. It's not very much fun when you're the only person online and you're spending your time talking to yourself and leaving yourself comments just for entertainment.
And all of you are probably wondering what Jimmy does when it's cold. He reads a lot after he makes his rounds outside feeding the birds, squirrels & cats. He also watches lots of college basketball games & professional bull riding. Another thing that we seem to do more of in the winter months is cook more. It helps to warm the house and home cooking sure does smell good too....especially if I'm baking or fixing something we both really like. Today feels like a no-bake cookie kind of day as an added treat for Jimmy. I have all the ingredients for a small batch.

Whatever the weather, there is always something you can do to pass the time and make the best of it. Some of you prefer to do needed chores around the house and some of us prefer to cook...notice that none of us prefer to clean house but with a little peppy music in the background it can also be fun....for you.

Today is my second Sunday, so I already did what I was going to do today today I'm free to play and as Jimmy says, I play everyday. I'm retired and isn't that what retired people are supposed to do? Tomorrow will be Monday and the weather will be warmer and much, much nicer, I guarantee it. Be nice until I talk to you again and don't do anything
that I wouldn't do :)


Karly said...

Hi Sandy, I found your blog through Pea's blog :) I'm recently new to blogging, and I used to just read them. My daughter talked me into starting one, so here I am, looking to meet some new people online!

It is cold here in the Northeast also...right now it's 25 degrees. Last night it was about 7 degrees...brrrr :)

Have a great day!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Karly...thanks for stopping in to visit. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers and bloggers new to blogging. Blogging is fun if you just write for yourself and make it fun, otherwise it becomes a chore and more like a job and soon it's not fun anymore.

It sounds like you have weather similar to ours. Stay warm.


Kerri said...

Hi Sandy, It's good to see Cucoo again. He looks cute in his hat and scarf :)
When the temps get below zero it's too cold for the snow to fall, so yes, it has to be warmer. The really heavy snowfalls occur when the temps are warmer...usually somewhere in the 30's. Don't quote me on that though...I'm not a weatherman :)
Next time we have a significant snowfall I'll note the temps.
Thanks for the link :)
It is nice to have a little more time for visiting and commenting, although I still don't seem to have enough! There's always plenty to do.