Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Pulling a prank on Sharon

This is the first time I've ever seen Sharon trying to hide from the camera, but it was only because she was at work, and she didn't even realize what she was shielding herself with. She had picked up the box and quickly scanned it before Zac could get her to stop. She hadn't even looked up to see who the heavily coated young man in the line was because if she had she would have told him that he had to move to a different checkout lane. The cashiers are not allowed to wait on their own families, but Zac was bent over tying his boots for a long time and she couldn't see him and I was hiding behind some shelving.

Here is the trickster himself,
Sweet little ole Zac

Zac stopped by for a visit while in the area and we had just come back from an early supper when we all decided that we would go to Wally World to pay Sharon a visit. We heard that today she was one of the door greeters and we just wanted to go over there and poke some fun at her because most of the time the greeters are the retired elderly and she's by far, not elderly. But we found her at one of the cash registers instead so Zac got this bright idea to find a large box of condoms and take them through her line, just to embarrass her. Wally World was very busy and her line was backed up so it was easy for him to hide and when he got up close, he just bent down and stayed close to the floor until it was his turn. He put the box on the counter and turned away and with all the clothes, caps, hoods and coats he was wearing you couldn't tell it was him at all and especially with his back slightly turned away. Sharon grabbed the box, only looking for the bar code and I jumped out from behind some shelving and quickly snapped her picture. She apparently still thought she was waiting on some stranger because she just shielded herself from the picture with the box of condoms still not realizing what they were and who was standing in line buying them. As soon as I snapped the picture she scanned the box as Zac was yelling to her, "Stop! Don't scan the box mom," but it was too late and then she finally realized that it was Zac and then she finally looked at the box.....and that's when we all high-tailed it out of sight and left Sharon standing there holding the box of condoms.

I still have fun playing pranks. Do you think I'll ever out-grow this behavior? I hope not!


Anonymous said...

you got me

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I hope that you didn't get in trouble at work. We didn't even consider the consequences. Love you Sweetie. said...

That was not her at the register.

Peter said...

Shame on you Sandy!!!!

Anonymous said...

You all are so funny. That is why I Love being in this family! Brian and really got a kick out of this. Never before have we ever seen Sharon hide from the camera. That is what I and Suzanne do. :) This is too funny. LOVE IT!

LOve you all

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Reva, Do you remember when everyone of us went to the Outer Banks. On the way home Suzanne was quietly trying to go into a store for sanitary napkins without anyone knowing and all of us went in there and we all grabbed boxes of them, men, women & boys and headed for the checkout with Suzanne. I've never seen her get so red. We're just bad, bad, bad.