Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back from Wally World

What an exciting day!!! Jimmy and I went to the big store here in town and we didn't see a single soul that we knew, except of course for one of the cashiers who resembles me very much. We walked the aisles in search of familiar faces, and most everyone in there looked familiar to us. We see the same people in there shopping week after week. You'd think they'd get tired of shopping or maybe they're just in there for the same reason I was there, to get out of the house for a little while and to see if there was life out here.

We bought cat food, some candy, more cat food, coffee, cat toys, more cat toys and cat litter...oh yes, and a cat mitten to put on our hands to brush the cats fur with. When we got home Jimmy & I both looked at each other and wondered if we had anything to eat in the house. I said we could fix some coffee and he said, "Lets go out to eat."

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somershade said...

This one lady bought a 100 dollars worth of cat food and treats.