Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ca $$$ ching...Ca $$$ ching

Today we made another trip to the Vet's office because our little Princess Pinky was jumped by a mean ole puddy tat and rolled in the mud about a week ago. Princess had stayed out for a couple of nights (she had a date) and when she returned home she was covered in mud from her head to her tail. It wasn't just a light coating of mud, but she looked like she had been in a mud wrestling match and lost. At that time we also noticed that one of her eyes looked a little injured but it didn't look too bad so we decided to wait and let her take care of her own eye, but it slowly became worse and then yesterday we noticed some infection and decided to take her in, but the Vet's office was closed.

This morning we called our Vet and he was able to see her first thing this morning. After he examined her he said that her eye was fine, only a little inflammation & infection of her eyelid, so he gave her two medications. The Vet applied an ointment to her eyelid while we were there and the antibiotic we brought home with us. Princess is such a gentle cat that we just picked her up and were about to give her a dose of that great tasting cherry flavored amoxicillin when she showed us her claws. We had never seen her claws before. We looked at each other and exclaimed, "Did you know she had claws?" She never even showed them to the Vet and just sat there and purred loudly for him while he rubbed an ointment onto her sore inflamed eyelid. She was such a good kitty at the Vet's, but now it was time for:

Plan II Wrap the entire kitty in a towel, but be sure to leave her head out and hold cat firmly, while another person administers the medication....then run!

I'm really looking forward to all of the added exercise I'll be getting three times a day as I chase the cat down to medicate her. Each medication is to be used 3x a day and I seriously doubt if she'll let us do both at the same time, but we'll give it a try.

4 comments: said...

Let her take a nap on your lap and forget about the medication for a day. Opps.

Motherkitty said...

The trick to immobilizing a cat is:
1) get the medicine READY
2) one person grab the cat by the back of the neck (just like a mother cat would hold her baby) and the cat will hang limp
3) the other person will grab the back feet with one hand the front feet with the other (quickly before she nails you)
4) the person who grabbed the cat by the back of the neck should very quickly administer the meds to the side of the mouth with the cat's head tilted back and the mouth open
5) allow the cat time to swallow the meds, look her in the eyes and tell her what a good kitty she is and then
6) run like hell

Tell me if this works said...

Do not try this at home without a facemask and leather gloves.

Kerri said...

Just a couple of weeks ago we had to give Jasmine the same pink amoxillin liquid. She really wasn't too bad about it. Ross held her front paws and I held the scruff of her neck while I put the dropper in her mouth. She didn't like having it forced on her but she didn't seem to hate us afterward :) Her cold got better fast so it was worth it!
Good luck with the princess :)