Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Lesson in Style

Hey look, I'm finally in style! This is a first for me because I've never been accused of having any style at all. Jimmy and the kids will be so proud of me don't ya think?

I bet this brings back wonderful teenage memories for Sharon, of the days when her mama wore combat boots. I know that it made her feel so proud when I'd show up at school to pick her up in my combat boots. I can still hear her now, "Maw'OM..... all my friends will...bla bla bla,"
and I'd say, "I know, all your friends will want a pair of their own."

I wonder how much my jeans have gone up in value now? Is anyone in the market for a pair of holey jeans? Maybe I should advertise on Ebay or Craig's List.

1 comment: said...

I worked in a Levi jacket for 10 years then mom wanted to throw it out and I hung it in our closet. 10 years later Allison was looking though our closet and found the worn out Levi Jacket. She wore it at school (Murray State) until the threads were hang to her knees and she could not find the arm holes anymore.