Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Short Story


Molly was a relief aid worker and had been busy working all week in a camp retreat for the under privileged. They had just conducted a weekend festival for all of the children and their parents with many activities and Molly was extremely tired after working long hours and now as the sun was beginning to set she wasn't dressed properly for the cold night air that was settling in over the valley. One of her co-workers told her that she could sit in her car and warm up and take a little break, so Molly didn't hesitate to take her up on her offer. Another worker brought Molly something to drink and a snack to tide her over until they could all get a good meal later on when their work was completed for the day.

As Molly sat in the car, a group of young men walked by and got into the car next to where Molly was and one of the young men hopped into Molly's car and requested that one of the other guys toss him a pair of jeans to which he then told Molly to change out of her shorts and to put on the jeans. Molly thought that he must have been sent by her friends and lifted up the jeans and said that she didn't think they would fit her and politely asked if they had another pair in a little bigger size.

The young dark haired man then told her again to go ahead and change into the jeans NOW as he started up the car and was turning it around and starting to drive away. Molly was mystified not knowing what was going on and began to question him, but he told her just to be quiet and put on those jeans. She told the young man to stop the car and let her out but he refused and had the look of someone who intended on doing harm to her. Molly reached for the door handle but he pulled her away from it. Molly feared for her life and told the young man that she would do anything if he would just let her go, but he was silent and just kept on driving into the darkness. Molly felt that his intentions were not to release her alive so she did the only thing she knew to do, she disappeared, vanished into thin air.

Molly vanished into another dimension and told her story to her husband. They wondered what that guy must have thought seeing her slowly fade away until she was completely out of sight. I just hope that it scared him bad enough to think that he was dealing with a ghost or some form of apparition that could come back and haunt him or better yet reappear to do him harm if he ever tried that again with anyone else.

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that is scary on more than one level