Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Keeper Of My Heart

When I look inside myself, I see you
The keeper of my heart
You've come to mend the pieces
But not of broken hearts

It was by chance that we should meet
Along the highways and the streets
And on dirty dusty roads
And in the sands of every beach

We did not recognize ourselves as strangers
This we knew at once
We met somewhere someplace in time
Of this we knew for sure

Our souls entwined creating a bond
That no one could penetrate or break free
I see what's in your heart
I see what could have been

It is without understanding
That we should meet right here
At this precise place and moment in time
When this world is spinning free

Have I met you here before I ask?
I think I know you well
You came back to fan the flames of time
As I knew you would one day

You're here to make life more complete
To fulfill the promises you made
You're the keeper of my heart you see
So when I look inside you,
I now see me


by Sandy Hatcher-Wallace

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Anonymous said...

I love it