Saturday, March 06, 2010


because I'm about to say something. I'm back and I'm feeling much better. This is the first day in what seems like a week that I finally feel reeealy reeealy good and back to my old self. I'm back on the computer and I answered some of your emails and I think I'm almost caught up except that I do need to catch up on some blog reading.

I haven't been sick with a virus or anything like that. I just have a gallbladder that's acting up and throwing one heck of a tantrum. I'm about ready to cut the old guy loose. I've given him his eviction notice and it won't be long now until he's gone. What a relief that'll be! And he better take all his stoned friends with him too. Don't want any of them hanging around and causing me any problems.

Thanks to my daughter Suzanne I've been living on jello and popsicles and today I was finally able to eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup without any excitement or commotion out of the old guy. Tomorrow after watching the University of Kentucky Wildcats play basketball with Brian and Reva, we're all going out to eat. It'll be the last time I'll eat a full meal until Tuesday morning I hope. Mr. Gall Bladder and all of his relatives are leaving the premises on Monday and then we can celebrate his departure later in the week with another meal out with the family.

Although I've been looking forward to this little laparoscopic surgery, I've been secretly a little apprehensive but I know everything will be fine. The surgery staff have all been my friends for many years, so I know I'll be in good hands.

If you all don't mind though, a few words to the man upstairs might also be very helpful and greatly appreciated by me.

the scareddy cat

2 comments: said...

A few words to the man upstairs is in order. Take care love ya

... Paige said...

you got my friend.

you will do fine and will recover fast, you'll see