Friday, April 16, 2010

Another day, another bad cup of coffee

I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. and cold. I put my quilt in the wash yesterday and then in the dryer and that's where it remained, so I woke up cold with no one to blame but myself. I'm sitting here with my warm robe on and wondering where the heck is Jimmy's cat Jybow. Jybow was the last thing I did last night, I made sure that she was safely in the house and then I went to bed. I've searched everywhere this morning and I can't find her. I hope she's hiding out somewhere in this house and that she didn't sneak into Jimmy's bedroom if he came out for any reason after I went to bed.

Maybe I didn't tell you that for the next two weeks Jimmy has to sleep in his own bedroom and he also can't share a bathroom with anyone, so he has one all to himself. This is all because of his chemo treatment last Wednesday. He can't touch anyone or stand any closer than 6 feet away from me and 10 feet away from anyone 45 and younger. To be safe, I stay ten feet away.

His meals are served on paper plates and prisoner style. Everything he uses to eat with is throwaway. Once he touches anything, I can't touch it and he has his own trashbags; one for paper products and the other with his dirty laundry & linens which I also can't touch, so he'll have to do his own laundry at some point. And he's also responsible for decontaminating his own living quarters.

Getting back to Jybow.....
She still hasn't made her appearance which is unusual by this time. Although Jybow is a cat and knows how to use the litter box she won't if any other cat uses it too, so she comes and tells us when she has to go out just like a dog does. It's still dark out so maybe she is just sleeping in a very good hiding place and ignoring my calls. I don't need to start my day by losing Jimmy's cat and then having to drink another bad cup of coffee too. It's bad enough that I woke up at the precise time that I was supposed to hear the meowing of a cat in my ear and I still can't find her.

I'm getting sleepy and I'm the only one up. The other two cats have gone back to sleep and it's still dark out. I'm nice and warm with my fuzzy robe on, so maybe I'll just lay my head over on a couch pillow and sleep here since I've already made up my bed (except for the quilt that's still in the dryer).

3 comments: said...

Good Morning
Love ya

JunieRose2005 said...


Thinking about you and Jimmy and hoping all goes well with this treatment.

Hope the kitty showed up again!


... Paige said...

yeah that kind of living is hard, but I'm sure it work.

hey here's an idea...why not make faces at each other and throw air kisses and email hugs

:-) hang in there and all my best for Jimmy and I'm sure Jy is fine