Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Morning

I woke up to another beautiful spring day and I must have gotten a good nights sleep because I feel g r e a t ! Just like Tony the Tiger, haha. The sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the sky. It looks like a good day to get out and ride. We rode yesterday but the wind started gusting really hard by mid afternoon. It, the wind, felt like it could blow me off the bike if I wasn't holding on to the handle bars so tightly and I kept looking back in my mirrors to see if Jimmy was alright. My bike is heavy and doesn't get pushed sideways so easily because of all the wheels I have, too much resistance on the road. For some reason the wind was only gusting between hills on one road and then it stopped and I was sure glad of that. Maybe it stopped because I turned off that road or maybe it just stopped blowing altogether. Anyway....the rest of the day was nice.

The locust trees are in full bloom and when you pass by them the smell in the air is sweet. Spring is a pretty time of year to ride. You see so many trees in full bloom and it's a very colorful time along with the newly sprouted green leaves of various shades of green. Someone recently said that, "Spring is like a rebirth and a new beginning," and I tend to agree with them. After the cold hard winter we get another chance, a new beginning, and one I'm very much looking forward to this year.

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