Saturday, April 03, 2010

Quiet day at home

Pretty little weeds growing in the crack of our sidewalk

My prettiest bunch of Daffodils

Jimmy coming home after running errands

Petey soaking up the sun on a warm limestone rock

Jimmy pulling up weeds from around the
newly sprouting flowers.

Hop-along, our oldest wildcat,
following our every step around the yard.

Today started out very cloudy with strong gusts of winds blowing dead limbs down from every tree...blowing so hard that if your stuff wasn't tied down, you might as well kiss it goodbye. As the clouds grew darker I expected to see rain, but none ever came, and to my surprise the strong winds blew all the clouds away. The day turned into a beautiful day of sunshine and we spent the whole day outside working in the yard. It was truly a quiet & peaceful day without a deadline in sight, or a worry in the world.

1 comment: said...

I was surprised that you did not get rain but it probable blew it north.
Great photos sis. Love Ya