Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time for a new hammock

This is a picture taken earlier this month and the leaves on the trees are now out, but our hammock is now in, or put away.

When Jimmy went to get our hammock he discovered that mice had found it and used portions of it for nesting and it was full of holes. If you click on the picture and enlarge it you can also see where the mice chewed on the strings too. We were very disappointed but Jimmy put tape over the holes and hung it out anyway because the cats love to take their cat naps on it. Jimmy took the hammock down because of the rain but I'm sure he'll hang it back out for the cats once the skies clear up.

I think when we buy another hammock we'll go back to the rope type hammock that doesn't have to be taken in and out of the weather. This one was comfy because it was quilted but it took a long time to dry if it got wet unlike the hammocks which are made of twisted rope. It also frequently wound itself up tight when the wind was blowing. Having a pretty quilted comfy hammock was nice but it was a lot of trouble too....More trouble than it was worth and really not made to be outside in the weather but on a covered deck.

Here's a better picture of the hammock
and who's going to miss it most.

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