Friday, May 21, 2010

The cat's yard

We just bought new cushions for our cats, to make their lives more comfortable and so they'll have a nice restful place to nap under the shade trees. They like it here because their food is on the table under the colorful umbrella and they drink from the watergarden when they're thirsty. We also keep a large pets water bottle with clean fresh water near the back door in a shady spot so the water remains cool on hot summer days. It's a nice place for our pets, with shelters and hiding places if they choose to stay hidden and out of sight.

Petey is enjoying one of the new cushions. He didn't like the old ones because they were getting too stained up for him. His fur is white and he keeps himself very clean and can't be sleeping or laying on no dirty cushions!

Cats are funny. They won't lay on anything that isn't clean. Even if it appears clean to us and the cats won't lay or sit on it, then it's not clean and has to be washed. That's just the way cats are. We do more laundry for our cats than we do for ourselves sometimes.

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Alipurr said...

petey is sooo pretty on the new cushion. Love it!!!! Yeah, i have had to rewash loads of towels and blankets before if i didn't get them folded fast enough, haha