Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cloudy skies, beautiful day

It's funny, but everyday lately no matter if it's cloudy or raining, it is a beautiful day full of beauty and nice people all around. I think everyone is just so thankful to put winter behind them and see the trees fully adorned with leaves and the flowers in bloom that they're all very happy people. And happy people bursting with smiles are contagious for anyone who happens to be near them. Before you know it, if you were walking around with a frown on your face, it's magically gone and replaced with a big smile and a happy disposition. Isn't this wonderful?

Try this with strangers....
When someone walks towards you or your're stuck in a line just look straight into someone's eyes and smile at them and say something nice, maybe a compliment about their shirt or the color of their hair, but just something you find nice about them. Compliments go a long way in making someone feel good about themselves and if they feel good they will pass this feeling on to someone else.

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Alipurr said...

my girls are experts at this...wherever we go, they have something nice to say to some young lady, waitress, or person in the grocery is neat to see the other people's faces light up :)