Monday, May 17, 2010

Not exactly what I had planned for tonight

Of all the times to spring a leak, 11 p.m. is not the time to have one. So picture this....
Jimmy walked into our bathroom and opened the cabinet under the sink only to find everything water-soaked. We both immediately blamed Petey our tomcat because he loves to tip glasses of water over if he finds one and sometimes one of us leaves a plastic glass of water in the sink for Princess to drink fresh water out of.

So here we are, at 11 p.m., cleaning out everything under the bathroom sink. I didn't know that you could cram so many old empty and half full plastic bottles in one place, but I think we broke the record. I even found Jimmy's ex-wife's tooth brush under there and Jimmy asked me how I knew it was her's. That was easy, it had written right on it, "Pat's toothbrush," and if I'd known it was there I would have used it to clean around the toilet. (I know I'm being naughty).

As we pulled out the wet stuff it became clear that the leak wasn't Petey's fault after all. Jimmy must have hit or moved something under there because now we had a nice even spray of water, just what we wanted to see this late at night. Luckily there was a turnoff knob under there and when Jimmy twisted it, it did little to stop the leak. Clearly this knob wasn't the right knob for this particular pipe, so Jimmy headed for the spider infested dark crawl space to shut off the main valve coming to the house. This shut off most, I say most of the water, but there was still a little water getting through and the leak needed to be stopped for tonight until it could be fixed in the morning.

So now I'm in the front yard at midnight holding a flashlight over the water meter. The water meter is about 3 feet under ground and the hole over the meter is filled with water so the water has to be dipped out with a plastic bucket and since we couldn't find a plastic bucket at midnight we cut the top off a gallon plastic jug of milk and dipped the water out and then we found mud covering the meter. Once the mud was removed the hole filled with water again and had to be dipped out again. We have lots of ground water around here and we've had lots of rain.

Then the fun began....
trying to turn the lever with an adjustable wrench and a pipe wrench under water with no visibility. After finally, and not easily nor quickly, getting the lever turned WAS NOT EASY so we both agreed that one of those water meter turn-off tools should be our next purchase because we seem to spend a lot of time meeting at the water meter at midnight.

So our water is totally shut off to the house until we call for help tomorrow morning. Jimmy is going to fix the leak under the bathroom sink himself and let the plumbers fix the leak in the crawl space, cause who wants to go under there with all those nasty gives me the creeps just thinkin of them.

So this is how we spent our night.


Motherkitty said...

So, you found the itsy bitsy spider's nest after all, hiding under your house.

We've been there, done that, as far as water problems go. Once I accidently pulled on the spigot outside the house where the hose is connected and caused the pipe under the house to break. Poor Dennis had to crawl under the house at night, on a Saturday evening, to fix the leak, which he did. I believe, though, that your problem with the meter was far worse than ours because he was easily able to shut off the water at the meter with a plumber's pipe wrench that had a long handle.

Hope you get it fixed today! Let us know your progress. said...

Our meter is hard to turn to, but it is only 18 inches below ground with no water in the hole. Middle of the night projects are good for keeping the wheels turning for days when sleep is needed. Take Care Love ya

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Wouldn't you know's election day and we're stuck here waiting for the plumber but I WANT WATER and a bath. Water is something I can't do without for very long.

Motherkitty, I had that happen to me once too when I twisted a knob the knob broke off. Unfortunately the knob was attached to the bottom of the hotwater heater which in turn flooded the bathroom because there is just nothing you can put in the broken hole to stop the water from gushing out, not even turning off the main water line. Water heaters hold lots of water and especially an 80 gallon one.