Saturday, May 01, 2010

Stormy Weather

I love storms! I love seeing all that nature has to throw at me but of course I don't want anyone getting hurt or killed. All I'm saying is that I am totally fascinated with storms and the more ferocious it is the more I am mesmerized by it's fury.

It started raining right after I took this picture and it is raining VERY HARD. We're supposed to get lots and lots of rain, I think the news said several inches and that will be good for the creek to cleanse the water and bring fresh rainwater to the little creatures who live there. This heavy rain will also bring relief to all the allergy sufferers out there by knocking all the pollen to the ground and washing it away.

Jimmy has gone to Dairy Queen to get his sausage gravy n biscuits for his breakfast. He loves their sausage gravy better than anything. He will also buy the daily newspaper, The Lexington Herald Leader, while he's out and of course 2 lottery tickets...something he's done twice a week for the last 15 and a half years. Maybe one of these days we'll have some wealth to pass out to everyone. It's a daily ritual for Jimmy now that he's out of his mandatory confinement to get out early every morning. I guess it makes him feel good to be able to get out and travel freely. Nobody appreciates his freedom more than he does and I sure would appreciate a winning lottery ticket (smile).

Well, that was fast! The rain has stopped for now and the black clouds are gone. I'm sure it's only temporary. Have a nice day wherever you are and I hope that you aren't having any stormy weather, just sunshine everywhere you gaze.

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