Thursday, May 20, 2010


We're waiting around for a pest to arrive, as in pest control. When you have as many pets as we do you have pests, but I don't think ants with wings were brought here by our cats. The lady at the pest control office tried to explain to me how to tell the difference between 'ants with wings' and 'termites' but I had killed and vacuumed up all the ants with wings before I got to check them out and I haven't seen anymore.
Besides that, I thought it would be a good idea for the guy to come out and spray anyway whether he can find those pesky ants or not. That way he can kill off other insects that might be lurking inside and outside the house waiting to come in.
Besides exterminating all the pests in the house he's also spraying the yard and I'm assuming that he only means right around close to the house, because I wouldn't want him to kill any honeybees.

It's another beautiful 70 degree day, and we'll have several hours to kill, so I bet you can guess what we'll be doing today after the yard gets mowed. Have a nice day and get out and enjoy it if you can.

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