Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

We went riding with Brian today and had a great time. I had written something under each picture but it was all lost when I hit the "Publish Post" button. Apparently Blogger is having some sort of problem, or I'm having some sort of problem with Blogger, whatever. We had a good time today, you can see it by the smiles on our faces. It was a perfect day for a ride.

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Kerri said...

Hi Sandy,
I loved seeing those happy, smiling faces :)
I haven't visited in ages but I'm all caught up now with what's been happening in your corner of the world. So sorry you and Jimmy had to go through that awful chemo treatment/isolation period. What a treat that steak and a glass of milk must've been Jimmy :)
We've had a rough time also. Ross ended up in hospital for 5 days with pneumonia in early May. It was a very scary time because he could barely breathe.
He's working outside again but moving very slowly and taking frequent rests.
I hope and pray the chemo does the job for Jimmy and that he's feeling much better by now.
Hugs xoxox