Monday, June 21, 2010

Having a feast

There's one of these in the watergarden again.

I had just been out to the watergarden, and had thankfully used a stick to pull out some of the leaves that had fallen into it and then I came inside. Jimmy was busy picking up sticks in the yard that had fallen during the brief thunderstorm that had passed through here quickly. When he was finished with the sticks he went over to the watergarden, not knowing that I had already been there, and spotted a leaf that was submerged. He reached his hand down into the water, like he always does, and to his surprise, he got bit (picture below). Poor Jimmy. I bet he'll never stick his hand in that water again!

While I was out there picking out the leaves I noticed that more of my lily pads were torn apart and looked like they had been eaten and I was blaming the fish and also wondering about the whereabouts of all the snails that I just had bought. I also noticed a tiny fish hiding behind a flower pot and wondered why I haven't seen any of the other fish lately. Now I know why. We have another rogue turtle having a feast, eating my water plants, snails, fish and my poor little tadpoles. The turtle's got to go! and I suspect that Jimmy is out there right now figuring out a way to catch it and I bet this time it won't be 'catch & release' for this turtle, but 'catch and eat.'

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