Thursday, August 05, 2010

Everyday is like a vacation

Since I'm having trouble here at Blogger uploading multiple pictures, you will have to see the pictures for this week by CLICKING HERE.

This week we celebrated Reva's birthday by taking her to Golden Corral for a feast fit for a king, or a queen in Reva's case.  We all had a good time visiting and eating together, and of course, we're going to have to do this again and soon.  Although we celebrated with Reva yesterday, today is her birthday.

Ron, Jimmy & I went to Red River Gorge.  We wanted to show Ron where bikers go to ride.  It has miles of beautifully forested winding roads and beautiful scenery.  It's also home of the Nada Tunnel which is an old railroad tunnel chiseled out of the mountain made purely of stone.  It's also absolutely dark in the tunnel with only one lane so you better have some good headlights, and watch out for the walls because there is absolutely no room for passing.  It's only wide enough for your car or truck, but don't ask the lady we talked to with the wrecked car or you may change your mind about entering the tunnel.  While trying to drive through the tunnel she hit the walls and damaged her car and was waiting for a wrecker.  She did what you shouldn't really do....she followed the light at the end of the tunnel and didn't use her headlights to guide her safely through and hit the walls for the second day in a row.  So you see, the tunnel isn't very wide and it's always wet and drippy, and dark too.
After talking to the lady we got ready and pulled almost into the tunnel and saw a set of headlights coming towards us so we had to back up so their car could exit the tunnel.  Sometimes you have to repeat this a couple of times until the tunnel is clear of all traffic.  There is no red or green light here, it's all up to you to check the tunnel before you enter.
Next at the gorge the guys read bulletins of black bear sightings and we think we found some bear tracks on the wet muddy hillside.  The hillside wasn't muddy now, but it has been raining a lot and the tracks looked as if the bear had slid down the hillside and come to a stop when he bunched up a pile of loose decayed leaves.  You'll have to see the pictures and judge for yourself, but we couldn't figure out what else could have slid down the hill and left the marks it did.

Today we went to Lake Cumberland in Somerset, Kentucky and visited a good friend of ours, Rachel.  Rachel took us on another one of her famous tours of the lake and also we got to see some mighty expensive lakeside property while on our way to the restaurant at Lee's Ford.  The houses were beautiful and only ones that I could dream of and never live in, you know the kind.
While eating our meal at the Harbor Restaurant a thunderstorm blew up and destroyed part of the boat slips, with boats inside right before our eyes.  From inside the restaurant the wind seemed slight but apparently it was not by the looks of all the broken tree branches when we drove down the road.  The lights in the restaurant went out and we finished our meal by the light of dimmed generator lighting which was nice and a bit romantic.

Well that was our week in a nutshell and I've probably missed some of the highlights and some of our other rides and activities but I'll save them for another time, or when I remember what else we've done :)   We have so many plans but I suspect that things are about to change........