Monday, August 02, 2010

I'm back

I finished my big chore for the day and that was sending a surprise out by UPS which should arrive by Friday.  My chores are almost finished and I only have maybe one more and then it's playtime.  My blog is beginning to sound more like it should start this way:  Dear Diary.

It's August and it's time for a trip.  I've seen enough rain around here to last me a lifetime.  Hey Dennis, How's the weather out your way and don't tell me that you're going to have rain or I'll just shoot myself right now.  We're looking for a good overnight ride and we'll be heading out your way soon, that's if you're going to be home.

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In the middle of the month we are going to Laurel's High School reunion. But Kitten Yarn will be house sitting. But until then bring your swim trunks.