Saturday, August 07, 2010

Natural Bridge

Jimmy, Sandy, Brian, Reva, Ron, Sharon
Standing on top of the bridge at Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge
Today was so beautiful that we couldn't let this day go to waste without taking advantage of our wonderful weather and going riding.  As has been the case lately, I'm always asked to lead the way to somewhere, so today I chose to ride to Natural Bridge taking the longest way possible to get there.  It was a little foggy along the way so this gave me an excuse to stop so that all of us could eat breakfast, giving the fog time to lift.  Eating and riding seem to be two of our most favorite pastimes...well at least for some of us.

We had a great time riding to Natural Bridge today with only a couple of missed turns, but most of the time nobody but me knew that I had passed by the road I intended to take.  That's always my secret and since I'm always put in front to lead the way, anyway I choose to lead the group is usually fine with them.  They often tell me that if we don't make it to our destination that it doesn't matter, just as long as we have a good ride.  And believe me there have been a few times that we never made it to our destination because I chose a route that was way to long and we ran out of day.  But today's ride was good for the most part except when Sharon had a bug fly into her ear canal while she was riding, which was not pleasant at all.

After we hiked around and rode the sky lift at Natural Bridge we all went to Hemlock Lodge for dinner.  We do a lot of socializing between us, sometimes too much, but it's all part of the ride.  We ride, we stop, and we socialize while we stretch our legs and have a cool drink.  It's all just part of a days ride.

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