Saturday, August 21, 2010

"What cat?" says Poncho

Poncho & Princess
Who is being the submission one now? Princess walked into the house and while Poncho was barking at her she walked up to him and very gently touched her nose to his. His first impulse was to flee to the top of the couch away from her cold wet nose and stare at her from a distance...he also stopped barking at her. After she drank water from his bowl she climbed onto the bench and laid down. Poncho then laid down close to her and fell asleep.

We also did a little Jybow training earlier this morning which is a much slower process because Jybow isn't as friendly as Princess. Poncho and Lola didn't bark at Jybow at all as she lay on our bed. The pups stayed in the livingroom never crossing the doorway, but Jybow eventually hissed so we shut our bedroom door. At least Jybow didn't get up and run to her usual hiding place beneath the bed, so we feel like this was progress in the right direction.

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