Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My brother Dennis was here for a short visit and is leaving in the morning after breakfast.  He had a meeting in E-Town on Tuesday and after the meeting he drove on down to our house and spent the night.  Today we were invited out to Ron's house for a wonderful meal and we ended up spending the whole day there.  It was a day of laughter and telling funny childhood stories.  It was also nice seeing Lola & Poncho again.

We're going to be sorry to see him go back home, but Laurel didn't come with him, and he's anxious to get back home to see her.  We wish that he could stay longer but you know how that goes.  We're gonna miss him.


Motherkitty said...

thanks for sending him home. glad he had a nice visit and wish i could have been there also. but work beckons and must leave right now. (what am i doing online when i have to go to work???)

Anonymous said...

he is an easy person to miss.Wish they lived just a tiny bit closer.