Friday, October 15, 2010

Our One Fall Bush

Meet the only plant in our yard that has dared to look like fall is here.  I think the rest of our plants & trees are on strike for lack of water.

Burning bush
Our Burning Bush sticks out like a sore thumb it is so red.  We have 2 Burning Bushes, but only one has turned red and the other is as green as a gourde.

Our trees have green leaves with a hint of brown, meaning that some of the leaves are dead & dry with little crispy curled up edges.  They don't resemble, nor can they be mistaken for fall colors in any way, shape or form.

We are very proud of our one and only fall bush and you know what that means?  It means that we will now have to travel far and wide to find where all the fall colors are.  Are they in your neck of the woods?  Call me and I'll ride over and take a look :) or we can all go searching together.

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Anonymous said...

pretty bush it is.Have fun riding today.I'm gonna do Zumba Marathon.