Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're going shopping

YES!  The three of us are going shopping this afternoon for a bigger riding mower with one of those mulching leaf catcher bags so that we won't have to rake leaves or grass anymore.

Ron raking leaves

...and raking

...and raking more.

Ron mowing

...and mowing

This is why Ron needs a bigger mower.
Our riding mower is 16 years old and we've been thinking of buying a new one, but we've just been thinkin and today we took our old mower out to Ron's house and we all decided that we needed a bigger better riding mower with a leaf & grass catcher bag, so today after we go out and eat at Olive Garden we're going to start looking for those end of the season sales on riding lawn mowers.  I want one with music.  Well I have to go now, Ron is here and it's time to go eat and shop for bargains on riding mowers.

2 comments: said...

Mulching is best. Riding mowers with leaf catchers are not too swift when leaves are wet. All fall leaves that fall and stay get wet. Mulching is the best bet.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Thanks for the advice Dennis. Jimmy doesn't give leaves time to get wet because he's out there gathering them up just as soon as they fall. Our neighbor also helped out by gathering up our leaves two or three times with his leaf catcher.

We found out that wet leaves also can't be mowed into tiny pieces and mulched up with our mower.