Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm talking about the weather.
We woke up to a BIG FROST and freezing temperatures this morning, even the fountain's water had a sheet of ice covering the pooled water.  We had a ride planned with Ron, so while I was drinking my first cup of coffee I talked to Ron and we decided that 10 a.m. might be too cold to get started so we decided to wait a while and we had to wait until noon before it was warm enough to ride and not freeze to death while doing it.

Wilgreen Lake

Ron reading the sign

It was still chilly at noon but not so unbearably cold that we couldn't ride.  Since they always put me in front as the lead bike I decided that we would ride straight to Ryan's for lunch, so as to let the day warm up a bit more while we ate.  I went to Ryan's by way of country roads, not using any main roads, nor the interstate.  While we ate our lunch it warmed up a little so I decided since Ron loves to fish I would show him where some of our smaller lakes are.  I took him by Wilgreen Lake and also by Lake Reba, both in Richmond, Kentucky.  We also stopped for a brief history lesson at the old  Kirksville School on Hwy 595 in Madison County.  The old Kirksville School used to be a school that went from grades 1-12 and it was the school that Jimmy attended for his12 years of school.  It's closed down now but the old school building is still used as a Community Center.  Ron remarked at how well the school (a brick building) appeared and thought that maybe it had been rebuilt, but Jimmy assured him that this is how the school always looked.    I think maybe Ron thought that the school should look MUCH OLDER considering that Jimmy went there for the 12 years of his schooling. 

Jimmy telling Ron about his school days
at the old Kirksville School.
It's nice just riding around with no where in particular to go with people you love.  If a road looked interesting I just took it.  The day turned out to be far better than any of us expected and it was still warm when the last bike rolled into the driveway and home.

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