Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Perfect Solution

I received this email as one of those 'forwarded' emails that we all love, but this one was really worth sharing and one idea I wish I would have thought of myself as the perfect solution to those unwanted airline total body scans and those intrusive pat downs that are in the news right now.   Of course, it's a far fetched idea, but if it were possible to do this without harming the innocent, it would be perfect. 
Read this email and tell me what you think:

Here's a simple solution to the controversy over full-body scanners at

Develop an enclosed booth that passengers step into but, instead of
X-raying them,  when the door closes, it will detonate any explosive
device they have hidden on or in their body. The explosion will be
contained within the sealed booth.
This would be a win-win for everyone! There would be no concern about
racial profiling. The booth would eliminate long, expensive trials.

You're in the airport and you hear a muffled explosion, followed by an
announcement over the PA  system, "Attention, standby passengers, we
now have a seat available on flight number..."

What's not to like?

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