Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Today was a busy day for me.  At noon Sharon picked me up and we went over to Zac & Jen's house to celebrate Christmas Eve and just as soon as I got home from Zac & Jen's it was time to go over to Doug & Tabitha's house for a Christmas Eve supper.  Brian & Reva had cooked and baked all day long and the night before Tabitha had baked quite an assortment of Christmas cookies.  I had a great time at both my grandson's homes today and hope that this will be a brand new Christmas tradition in the making.


Anonymous said...

My My momma weren't you the busy bee,lol.Glad you made it home in time for another party ,what a surprise.
Merry Christmas,love you. said...

Merry Christmas
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Christmas Eve was at our house with all the kids and grandkids, and today Sam, John and Alex are flying to Minneapolis for Christmas with John's family in St. Cloud! Kathy, Scott and Sarah and Jake will be having a ham dinner with Roy, Mandy and me!:) Have a lovely day and Merry Christmas!
Love, Diane