Thursday, December 02, 2010

Maybe I should have just stayed in bed

What else can go wrong?

1)  Yesterday I bought an over-the-door hanger so that when the kids come over for Christmas they can hang their winter coats up as they walk in the front door.  While trying to cut the hanger out of the box there were some very tough plastic ties that were holding the hanger to the box.  Of course I was using a very sharp kitchen knife and you can guess what happened next...Yes, I stabbed my left index finger when the knife slipped out of one of the plastic ties and right into my finger.   OUCH!

2)  Then this morning we woke up to the pilot light off on our natural gas stove which is our only heat source.  I called the gas company to see if perhaps they were having a problem but they weren't so they sent out a gas man to re-light our pilot light just to be safe...for a small fee.  He checked out the unit and lit the pilot light and after about 3 or 4 minutes of a continuous fire the flames started flickering and then eventually went out, pilot light and all.  The gas man was stumped and referred us to a gas repairman who he said could diagnose and fix the problem.

It's been snowing all day and the house to our surprise wasn't as cold as we expected it to be, but it was cold by the time the repairman arrived at 5:30 this evening.  He was very nice and only stepped on one pile of cat poop before he came in, which was stuck on the heel of his left boot.  As I entered the living room the repairman was bent down by our fireplace and Jimmy was wiping off his boot as the repairman chatted on his cell phone.  The repairman lit the pilot light and fired up the gas logs.....
End of Story.

3)  Our washer spun its last cycle and washed its last load last Saturday so we went to Sears, picked out a new washer and were told that it would be in on Thursday, and that was today.  Since they dispose of your old washers we took ours with us when we went to pick up our new washer.  After we got home I was in the kitchen looking out the window as Jimmy sliced the box off from around the new washer...that's when I got a glimpse of the new washer and it wasn't my washer.  I got my receipt out and compared the numbers from the box of the new washer with the numbers on my receipt and they were the same.  That couldn't be so, because this wasn't the washer I had picked out.  This washer had a smaller tub and besides that the  washer I ordered had a glass lid on top.  This one clearly was not my new washer.  I called Sears and bla, bla, can guess what I said and to make a longer story shorter, we taped the box back up and took it back to the store.  I wanted MY washer or my money back.  The boy was very nice and after several calls he located the washer that I wanted down in the southern part of the state.  My new washer is arriving Tuesday and they're delivering it free of charge.  Delivery & instillation $65.

4)  While we were inside the Sears store someone stole our old washer from the rear of the store.   At least they didn't take the brand new washer that the salesman told us to leave sitting outside, tied on our trailer, while he tried to straighten up the mess.  The old washer was probably six or seven feet away from the new one still tied on our trailer.

5)  Stopped at the drugstore to pick up three prescriptions.  The drugstore could only find two and we drove away and discovered that she only gave us one.  Had to return to drugstore to get the one they forgot to put in the bag. 

The day turned out pretty good after all and,
a short message for R&BH....the box arrived today and with our luck you better come check it.

2 comments: said...

Wow that is a tough day. I think I had better knock on wood just in case it snows 24 inches here and there. Love ya

Cheyenne said...

Holy cow! And I thought I had problems. You have got me beat by a mile. Let's hope that the worst is over for you guys and all will turn out well for the rest of this month at least.